Tope Alabi, TY Bello – Kabi O Osi

Instant Download Mp3 Tope Alabi Kabi O Osi Mp3 Download Ft TY Bello;

These two have the biggest gospel collaboration ever right from the moment they released their first joint which has a lyric as thus; “Lojo ti ode o, laye mi le to”.

Today, we got another awesome collaboration coming from the spontaneous album, “The spirit of Light”. This new song is titled, “Kabi O Si” It is in fact a very intriguing vibe that will make you put on your dancing shoes and also be lost in spirit.

In TY Bello’s words:

Kabi O osi .. unquestionable God .. why? Because HE is the answer.

This is by far the dearest song to me on this album.. It felt like sister Tope Alabi was peeling off layers and layers of her awe for God in this river of a song that flowed and flowed and flowed ..almost making time stand still . Every question, an answer in itself … revealing the wonder of the God of her worship.

These are times of uncertainty.. with our destiny not as clear as we’ll love it to be .. but one thing is sure …God ‘is God before it all began and He IS when it all ends . Our King and eternal Kingmaker .. kingdoms will rise and fall but none outside of His wisdom and control.. He is God and He is Bigger ! Very very ‘Bigger’ than any question we can ever ask .. Kabi O osi .. our final Answer!! What a privilege to submit to His will in our lives .. our King… God .. ever throned .. ever faithful ..ever loving .. FOREVER!

Listen to and download Tope Alabi Kabi O Osi ft Ty Bello MP3 below!


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