Elderly racist woman abuses black woman and tells her that she originated from a monkey (Video)

An elderly racist woman was filmed abusing a black woman and it has caused outrage online.

The racist woman called the black woman a monkey. When the black woman respectfully insisted that she isn’t a monkey, the elderly woman told her that she originated from a monkey and kept repeating it.

She went on to complain that black people are taking over and where ever you go, even to the mall, black people are everywhere.

“God bless you ma’am,” the black woman said to the white woman, leaving her momentarily taken aback.

She then said: “Thank you.”

She went on to continue complaining about black people then said to the black woman, “Look at your hair, that looks awful.”

The video has generated outrage online. People called out, not only the racist white woman, but also the other Caucasian women who were there and did nothing.

Watch the video below.



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