I sent burglars to rob my wife’s store, so she can be submissive to me – Nigerian man

A Nigerian man who shared details of a past event on popular Facebook page, Rant HQ, disclosed that he sent burglars to break into his wife’s store, so she can be submissive to him.

The Nigerian man who disclosed that he never wanted his wife to work, stated that on every slight misunderstanding, his wife was always quick to remind him that she’s capable of taking care of herself.

Read his post below;

This is why i didn’t want my wife to work.
I personally opened a shop for her, she sells wears for male and female i stocked the shop and made her a boss, recently all i do hear from her is i can take care of myself, i can stand on my own I am a boss lady and all.
Any slight misunderstanding between us she will quickly remind me that she’s capable of taking care of herself.

It got so bad that we had a misunderstanding and she moved in to a hotel for 1week I went and apologized which made her returned home .
So I decided to clip her wings.

I sent people to rob her shop, use trailer to pack everything including the doors and show glass overnight I paid the security people because they know me very well, i set part of the building on fire but controlled it.
The next day she got the news but she almost died and was hospitalized for a week.
I paid the owner of the place and asked him to put another person, i did all that because i rented the shop in her name so I can’t take it from her.

Now she’s calm back to my wife, take time satisfy me in bed and cook my meal , no more in a hurry to talk when i talk
Now she’s so humble, the problem now is that she has become a monitoring spirit following up and down and beating young girls around me .
Is she frustrated? Or depressed?
How do i help her aside from making her independent ?
I want her to remain a humble/submissive house wife for life .
She doesn’t know how to manage being independent it makes her too proud and loud.
Please i need you all opinions.


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