Mayweather, McGregor Set London Ablaze -

Mayweather, McGregor Set London Ablaze

It was an unstable circumstance at London’s Wembley Stadium when Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor crossed the Atlantic for the last leg of their four-city visit.

A riled Mayweather called his rival a ‘fa***t’ in front of a hostile crowd in the UK capital featuring lots of travelling Irishmen.

Mayweather’s outburst comes after a race storm that’s seen McGregor accused of being disrespectful towards his opponent in their earlier press conferences.

Dana White steps in to stop the scuffle

McGregor addressed the allegations in the New York leg of their tour, saying he was “black from the bellybutton down”, and he’s got the backing of UFC supremo, Dana White, Mirror writes.

“Everybody is talking about the racial thing then Conor says about being black from the belly button down but he’s not racist,” White said.

“He’s got 50 Cent talking about it, Jay Z is talking about it. Floyd has never been matched verbally, we’ll see if he can be matched physically.

“You don’t see guys going at each other like this, they’re trying to get in each other’s head and they’re the best at it, it’s been very good.”

The Notorious appeals to the crowd

The Notorious reiterated his prediction that he would win inside four rounds, telling Mayweather he made a mistake coming out of retirement.

“He could have rolled off into the sunset 49 and 0. Instead, in six weeks, I will box him,”said the Irishman.

“How the f*** did they let me roll up in here? They got greedy. That’s how.”


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