Maje Ayida Calls Out Lagos Government Over Lekki Flooding, Demands Tax Refund -

Maje Ayida Calls Out Lagos Government Over Lekki Flooding, Demands Tax Refund

Maje Ayida has taken to his social media to demand a demand of his tax money from the Lagos State Government who he blames for the recent Lekki flooding that stretched to other highbrow parts of Lagos.

Writing on his Instagram, the ex-husband of Toke Makinwa called out Nigerians on social media to join voices in tackling the government.

All I see are jokes and memes. Homes have been wrecked, lives affected, but we make jokes,” he said, adding, “In other parts of the world emergency services would be deployed, what do we have, twitter and the gram.”

He continued, “Where is the help, this is a man made problem, what are we doing? We can’t pray it away, it will keep happening unless there is actual action.”

This  comes days after Island residents witnessed the worst flood in recent times. Most parts of the high-profile area of Lagos got flooded on Friday and Saturday following two days of torrential rainfall. While many people took to social media yesterday to share photos of their damaged properties, some chose that opportunity to make jokes and engage in petty wars over the disheartening situation.

However, life has indeed changed since the rains came. A Nigerian man shared the bill he just received from his mechanic after his car packed up. Others shared stories of lives almost lost during the ordeal.

Now, Maje Ayida is challenging the government and also demanding his tax money back.  See his conversation with famous photographer Remi Adetiba:


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