Could Anna Banner become allergic to Flavour's song? -

Could Anna Banner become allergic to Flavour’s song?

Ex-MBGN, Anna Ebiere had a photo session with photographer, Henry Oji recently and according to him, the photos were taken after Anna became emotional when she heard a certain song and demand the song be turned off.

Many of her fans now believes that song should be from her baby daddy, Flavour, whom she recently broke up with. Or maybe a song that reminds her of their romantic days.

What the photographer wrote and the photos below.

“It was a pleasure having anna @annaebiereseat for a #windowseries session. I’ve known her for about 2years and we’ve never really talked like we did that day. It all started with a particular song and she poured out her heart to me. She asked me to change the song and I refused. It was hard capturing all that emotion. I didn’t know if I should stop and just listen or keep clicking away. Someday I too would want to seat in front of that window and open up to someone. It would b interesting to see what they pull out of me…… So I haven’t posted the image I really wanted to post. #toomuchemotion can’t put her on blast like that
The photos



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